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Articles about the Black church in history, today, and into the future


Discipling While Black

Jesus commissioned his disciples and by extension, modern Christians with words recorded by Matthew, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, as you go, disciple people in all...


I am not a Protestant

For most of my Christian life, I considered myself a Protestant., I followed Christ, I was not Roman Catholic. I was not Orthodox. Therefore, I must be Protestant. As I learned more about the...


Panicked by a Thought

I was the pastor of a new church I had just founded. I was trying to establish a firm foundation for this new ministry. What principles should it stand for? Truth came to mind....


The Principle of Black Agapé

Is a Black business more trustworthy than a Black one? Is a Black politician better for the Black community than a white one? Is the emerging pattern of Black local government leaders no longer...


What is a Church?

What is a church? What should a church be like? I have developed a functional definition from my reading and study of the Bible. A church should be: Discipling Worshiping Fellowshipping Equipping Ministering or Serving...


Black Churches Matter

There is a general awareness that Black people in America are more likely to be Christians than white people. For the readers of the Christian press and attendees at Christian conferences, this does not...