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What is Sin?

“Sin is independence from God.” When Rev. Tom Skinner gave the pastor’s conference his definition of sin, he surprised me. I wasn’t expecting him to describe sin as a list of bad behavior. I...



 “Why” is a fantastic question. I recall that my daughter used to drive me crazy with a continual array of why, why, why, why… When someone reflects on why they do the things that...



   The Word of God says in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” If I could change one thing that would make the world better,...


What is a Church?

What is a church? What should a church be like? I have developed a functional definition from my reading and study of the Bible. A church should be: Discipling Worshiping Fellowshipping Equipping Ministering or Serving...


Black Churches Matter

There is a general awareness that Black people in America are more likely to be Christians than white people. For the readers of the Christian press and attendees at Christian conferences, this does not...


Christianity is not About Avoiding Hell

Most Christians and churches are wrong when emphasizing missing hell as the most important benefit of being a Christian. True, Christians will not go to hell; however, there is something much more important than...